In Short I love good/clean design and have a small obsession with film, comics & t-shirts.

  • 60% Designer
  • 39% Developer
  • 1% Dreamer

Yes it's true I am both a Web Designer & Developer all rolled up into one, which means I sometimes have the pleasure to create digital work from start to finish or at least understand where a designer is coming from or vice-versa which suits me just fine.

I do however have to admit that I enjoy designing more than developing as this is where i first started out before I looked behind that curtain of code and thought to myself "hey i think i could do that..!" and that brings us up to the present. Ohh and on a side note I believe that you have to be somewhat of a dreamer to design anything and as i was making the piechart above my wife said that she would have put me more at 5% dreamer than 1%..!