UX Designer/Front End Developer, Born in England, living in Surrey, Raised by the Autobots in the 80's, Loves good/clean design and have a small obsession with film, comics, Lego & t-shirts.

Hi, I'm Mike..!

"I'm a Web Designer / Developer working in Surrey, England."

As both a Web Designer and Developer I have the pleasure to create digital work from start to finish or at least understand where a designer is coming from or vice-versa which suits me just fine.

I do however have to admit that I enjoy designing more than developing as this is where I first started out before I looked behind that curtain of code and thought to myself "hey I think I could do that..!" and that brings us up to the present.


Latest Work

We've come a long way from the good old days of plain HTML tables and MS Paint but I believe that as I started out with just them and not a lot else I have a different perspective of how to go about designing & building websites.

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