I've always been into art for as long as i can remember and since finding programs like Photoshop and Illustrator Ive been able to create so awesome things for all kinds of things.

  1. Owly


    With the death of Google Reader and no real clear replacement me and the guys i work with set out to make our own RSS reader with this chap as the mascot/avatar.

  2. Jean Clood

    Jean Clood

    When working on my companies CMS we thought it would be cool to create an avatar like Github's Octocat has and this is what we ended up with.

  3. Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    Was asked to create a Christmas Quiz & email campaign for my work and this is part of the email assets created.

  4. Space Holidays

    Space Holidays

    For the fake site about space holidays i had to make some cool space themed icons and graphics.

  5. Love Fruit & veg

    Love Fruit & Veg

    Was asked to do a poster with a fruit and veg theme to it and this is the outcome.

  6. Infinity Knowledgebase


    When creating all the assets for the Space Holidays website i created a person with a screen and when i got round to designing the knowledgebase i thought it would be cool to have her animated at the top of the homepage.

  7. Infintiy - Movie Nights

    Infinity: Movie Nights

    As you might of guest I'm a massive fan of film and when I found out Infinity was getting a projector I set up the Infinity Movie night which is working its way thought the alphabet and what film night wouldn't be complete without a poster..!

  8. Christmas


    Again this happy snowman was part of the Infinity Christmas Quiz.

  9. Keep Infinity Tidy..!

    Was asked to make some notices for the kitchen on how to use it as people clearly didn't know how to put things in a dishwasher?

  10. Dancer

    Low-res Polygon Dancer

    This was for the Protegem Dance 2014 shows cover.

  11. People


    These guys & girls have evolved from simple people outlines to real avatars for use with the Infinity Websites.

  12. Happy Dino

    Happy Dino

    No reason for making this other than he is a dinosaur that is happy..!

  13. Loki Cocktail

    Loki Cocktail

    Was inspired by the Avengers film to make a cocktail based on the God of Mischief.

  14. Loki Cocktail


    Had to show that a website was responsive and this is one of the illustrations i came up with.

  15. Gaming tube map

    Gaming Map

    Been thinking about doing this for a long time now, this has taken a lot longer then i thought it would to get all the levels in.