We've come a long way from the good old days of plain HTML tables but I believe that as I started out with just them and not a lot else I have a different perspective of how to go about designing & building websites.

  1. Space Holidays

    Space Holidays

    Was asked to mock up a fake site to use as an example in a video and all the brief I was given was it had to include two phone numbers.

  2. Sprint

    Isaac - Tumblr Theme

    I've been using Tumblr since it first came out so have used a lot of themes but I have also made a lot and the most recent is named Isaac after by son..!

  3. Infinity

    Infinity Cloud

    Infinity's website hadn't been updated in over 5 years so I was tasked to design and build a new version.

  4. Owly

    Owly Reader

    With the death of Google Reader and no real clear replacement me and the guys I work with set out to make our own RSS reader.

  5. Anime


    This local dance company came to me asking to re-brand there website years ago and just recently came back to me to update the site again.

  6. Infinity Knowledgebase

    Infinity Knowledgebase

    We needed a better way of giving help to our customers so we built a knowledgebase where we could create aritcles with help videos.

  7. PSV Cabins


    This is a project so close to my heart, I've been working on it for over 4 years and use it with almost every web project.

  8. Jellyfish

    This was all build in the lovely CMS called Concrete5 and had some awesome features like the contact section as a pull down and animated arrow in the footer.

  9. Kinnarps

    This build was a challenge as almost every section of this single page site had some kind of animation and in total the site had 5 different types of slide-shows.

  10. Carmelita Wine

    This site was a really nice project from the design all the way to the build. It was also build in Concrete5 so the client could make copy changes without having to ask us to update it all the time.

  11. Punchout PHP

    Punchout PHP

    This was for a 48 hour code competition for PHP developers.

  12. Tower8

    Another single page website which was built to become single pages once the content was more established.

  13. NHU

    The National Hispanic University is part of the bigger Walden University and was nice to get to build something for an American company.

  14. Target Car Leasing

    Target Car Leasing

    Was tasked with updating there brand and website.

  15. Infinity Christmas

    It was that time again when we all have to remind people that Christmas is coming and this time round we thought we would do so by making a quiz.

  16. PSV Cabins

    PSV Cabins

    Was asked to build this without much of a brief or logo so was a nice little challenge.