Up until putting together a list of my work I didn't think I'd had much in the way of logo design but i guess the below says different.

  1. Owly Stuff

    Owly Stuff

    As with all websites we needed a logo for Owly Stuff and what better than to use Owly himself with his hipster glasses..!

  2. Space Holidays

    Space Holidays

    Think when i was making this logo i had Space Lego on my subconscious?

  3. Amazium


    A nice simple and clean logo for a awesome minimalist CSS framework

  4. Level Select

    Level Select

    One of my best friends came to me asking if i could make a blog for him about computer games and of course I was on board, Level Select ran for nearly 4 years before ReEAl life got in the way and it was shut down. :(

  5. Protegem


    This is the second time Ive had the pleasure of working with Protegem and was fun updating there logo after designing the first one about 6 years ago.

  6. Punchout PHP

    Punchout PHP

    This was for a 48 hour code competition for PHP developers.

  7. Giftback


    Sadly this site never got past the design phase as the client couldn't make up there minds on which way to go. :(

  8. Target Car Leasing

    Target Car Leasing

    Was tasked with updating there brand and website.

  9. Get Lashed up

    Get Lashed up

    Had some fun with this logo and its a shame the company isn't running anymore.

  10. Catchbook

    My work colleague that was obsessed with fishing came up with an idea for a Facebook for fishing where you could record all the fish you have caught and also look for the best fishing spots near you.

  11. Carl Latter

    Carl Latter

    I really love this low-res polygon effect and got to use it in this logo.

  12. PSV Cabins

    PSV Cabins

    Was asked to build this without much of a brief or logo so was a nice little challenge.

  13. Jade4PHP


    This was just for fun but it came out very nicely, shame its not being used on the site.