Not 2 Be

Here lies all the designs that never made it to development or are now sitting in the digital trash can on the Internet, rest in peace little guys, it was fun working on you..!

  1. Level Select

    One of my best friends came to me asking if i could make a blog for him about computer games and of course I was on board, Level Select ran for nearly 4 years before ReEAl life got in the way and it was shut down. :(

  2. Catchbook

    My work colleague that was obsessed with fishing came up with an idea for a Facebook for fishing where you could record all the fish you have caught and also look for the best fishing spots near you.

  3. Heathrow Airport

    It was an honor to be involved in building the framework for Heathrow Airports website. We had to make everything from where the banners would go to the weather icons, was one of the biggest projects i think I've worked on.

  4. Carl Latter

    This site sadly never made its way live as the client never got round to suppling me with all the content for it.

  5. Sprint


    Had the pleasure of building a micro-site for Sprint's Total Equipment Protection. Shame the site was only live for a few months before the competition ended.

  6. Get Lashed up

    This was a nice design & build as i got to use some awesome stock photography.

  7. Q&A

    Again this design has long gone but was really nice trying to build curves into a website before the days of modern CSS.

  8. Quash

    This was a concept design I built and the end result was very nice but the client never took up the new design.

  9. CASS Art

    Was asked to design a new look for CASS Art for a friend but in the end they went in house rather than out source the design.

  10. Dunedin

    Again this was a variation on the end site which i felt would have been better but the clients always right. :)

  11. Redbox

    Again this was a concept for a pitch which never got anywhere but i really liked how all the navigation was working in this.