Branding projects

I love creating strong, modern visual identities for people and here you can see a nice selection of them.

  1. The Design Hobo
  2. Rainbow Pottery
  3. TPK Services
  4. Bearfeed
  5. Delicious Details
  6. Get Lashed Up
  7. Arc
  8. A Bit 2 Byte
  9. Douglas & Gordon
  10. Battersea Alliance
  11. Arc
  12. Owly Stuff
  13. Space Holidays
  14. Amazium
  15. Level Select
  16. Battersea Youth Voice
  17. Protegem
  18. Punchout PHP
  19. Jean Clood
  20. Giftback
  21. Target Car Leasing
  22. Carl Latter
  23. jade 4 php

Say hello

I’m currently available for freelance work. If you want to talk about your next project or if you just want to chat you can email me or add me on one or all of the following sites.