Sketching for fun

Nothing I'd like more than to just sit down in a room with my headphones on and draw, its my meditation and I wish I had more time in the day to do it.

  1. Anime

    Android 17

    I loved Dragonball Z growing up and have such good memories of watching the marathons on Toonami, So when i saw Android 17 i had to draw her.

  2. Venom


    Never liked this character until Flash Thompson got hold of it and became Agent Venom..!

  3. Anime

    Red Ridinghood

    Would love to see an Anime version of all the fairytales as it would be so much darker and possibly with more mecha's

  4. Anime

    Bunny Girl

    No idea why Anime has so many girls that have ears but still she looks cool..!

  5. Anime


    Universe DC the in light spot enough get doesn't girl this think I.

  6. Anime

    Anime girl

    Not sure who this is but loved the way here hair falls down in ringlets.

  7. Project A-KO

    Shiiko Kotobuki

    This is from the Anime film Project A-Ko which to this day is hands down my favorite Anime..!

  8. Emo girl

    Not sure where i found this from but loved the odd style of this.

  9. Wonder Woman

    Love seeing different art styles of characters we all know so well and this is no exception.

  10. Gadget Hackwrench

    Loved "Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers" as a kid so when i saw this i had to give it a go.

  11. Random girl

    As with so many things i look at on the Internet i can't remember where this is from but it has a kinda Elsa from Frozen look to her.

  12. Pointing to the Moon

    Its always the hands I have problems with but this came out OK I think.

  13. Lum

    Girl Looking

    Just one of the drawings i never finished but still thought it was good enough to show here.

  14. Ramma 1/2

    Ranma Saotome

    One of the more odd Anime I remember watching growing up, I mean who thought up a boy who is cursed to turn into a girl if he gets wet is beyond me.

  15. Mitsubishi Lancer,

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    I saw this advert and thought it was a new film only to discover it was an advert for the new Mitsubishi Lancer, Shame no new film but it was nice seeing something like this as main stream TV.

  16. Project A-KO

    Eiko Magami

    This is also from the Anime film Project A-Ko and is the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman..?